Your kids And... Golf ???

It can be quite tricky at times for parents to get their kids interested in sports. I mean the type of sports that you actually have to move more then your fingers, not the video gamers way.

When it comes to the game of golf, parents can often get their children excited about the game if the children are greeted with the image of something familiar on their junior kids golf equipment. Junior Golfer

Not only can it interest the child in the equipment, but it also may help them to be more open to the idea of golf as a game and sport for them to play in their free time.

And you don't need to start spending a fortune on golf equipment, green fees and what not, start by finding an open field, an old pitching wedge and a few balls. Bring them along to the practice range and let them swing at it.

After they have experimented a bit and seem to have and interest for the game, then you may want to start looking for a used junior golf club set and after a year or two, maybe a new set that will be better fitted for them.

Junior GolferIt's often a great opportunity for parents and grand parents to spend time with the kids and interact. Maybe grandpa can take a break from the senior golf tour ;-) and spend time with young tiger !

For more information on junior golf equipment, visit http://www.junior-golf-equipment.alltheinfoyouneed.com/

Oh!, And here's one for grandpa

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