Camp For Kids With Food Allergies

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Camp For Kids With Food Allergies
By Tarang V Bhargava

You children should be able to go to camp, spend time with their friends, and just have a glorious summer, but for some it can be difficult for a mother to allow a child to go off and have fun. For children with food allergies, especially multiple food allergies it can be extremely difficult for parents to feel comfortable sending their child away for a couple of days. When you are talking about camp for kids with food allergies it is important to understand some of the things a parent must think about, especially if your child is new to the food allergies he or she has.

First it is very important to explain to your child the ramifications of them eating any food they have not asked about. In other words they are going to need to ask how the food was prepared, with what the food was prepared, and even ask to check some of the ingredients of the food. Camps tend to be very regimented in the foods supplied. This means that it can be difficult to find camp for kids with food allergies that will caterer to them appropriately. In fact there may only be a few foods the child will be able to eat will at camp.

As a parent you need to alert the camp that your child has a food allergy or allergies. When you alert them of the allergies your child has they can then make adjustments for certain meals, like supplying something else for a night. You can also supply your child with appropriate foods and snacks to take with them to camp. Many of the camp for kids with food allergies will keep the food in the kitchen and allow the child to get something from those stores, like a snack during the day, when the other children are having their snack. This is a sure way to ensure that your child is safe.

You may also want to have your child carry an Epi- Pen or some form of epinephrine just in case. While the camps will have a doctor on hand or at least nearby it is important to make sure they will be safe if a reaction begins to occur. This will of course depend on the severity of the child's food allergies. Some children simply break out in hives and a couple of days later they are better, where as others can go into anaphylactic shock.

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